Studio was unable to connect to "localhost" error with Unity 2021

Using Unity 2021.1.20f1 on Windows 10 PC with FMOD studio 2.02.08 and the matching Unity asset, I get this error when trying to connect live update:
“Studio was unable to connect to “localhost” as a connection error occurred: socket error”.

I’ve gone through all the info I could find of people who had similar issues on this forum…and tried all the suggestions…

  • I have updated the scripting define symbols in Unity to FMOD_LIVEUPDATE
  • Under “platform specific” in FMOD settings, live update is enabled.
  • I only have 1 version of Unity open.
  • I have FMOD studio listener added to the main camera.
  • Tried using “localhost” and “”
  • Live update port set to 9264
  • Same issue in another version of Unity.
  • Rebooted apps and PC.

What might I be missing?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

To start with it might be worth checking that nothing else is sitting on port 9264.
Can you please try the following:

  • Close Unity and FMOD Studio
  • Open a windows command propmt
  • Run the following command to enumerate processes listening on port 9264
    netstat -a -n -o | find "9264"
  • If that yields any results, for example:
    C:\Users\User>netstat -a -n -o | find "9264"
    TCP               LISTENING       7688
    TCP        ESTABLISHED     7688
    TCP         ESTABLISHED     13804
    then kill those processes:
    taskkill /pid 7688 /f
    taskkill /pid 13804 /f

After that, reopen Unity and FMOD Studio and see if you can connect to Live Update.

Please also rollback any changes you have made to the FMOD Unity integration, just to eliminate the possibility of any manual changes causing issues.