Live update suddenly stopped connecting

The Live Update feature was functioning well until it suddenly stopped connecting.

here’s the Fmod log:

14:16:14 fmod_os_net_winsock.cpp(218), FMOD_OS_Net_Connect(): Attempting connection to ‘’
14:16:15 fmod_os_net_winsock.cpp(140), FMOD_OS_Net_ConnectSock(): select timed out

The error message just states that it attempted to reconnect to the game and timed out.

Are you able to provide some more details on the following:

  1. What were you doing (eg. connecting to a Unity game, recording a session, etc)?
  2. How long were you connected via live update?
  3. Is this reproducible?
  4. Are you able to provide a video of this happening?
  1. I’m working on a VR game (adding audio and mixing)
  2. It happens randomly always after I stop playing the game (sometimes it reconnects but most of the time it doesn’t connect again until I restart the PC)
  3. it is reproducible
  4. I can send a video but basically what happens is I get the message:

" Studio was unable to connect to “localhost” as a connection error occurred: Socket Error.
Please check that the Ip address is correct, the game is running and live update is enabled."


It sounds like when you exit your game there is still some system functions running taking up that port. It would be good if you can provide the video along with any logs (both game engine logs and FMOD Studio logs (found in Windows > Console > Logging)) to help determine where this could be going wrong.

the problem seems to have solved itself, i have no idea how