Lookup failed for EventModel

(Mike Kelly) #1

After updating to Unreal 4.10 and FMOD 1.07.04, the Output window in Unreal Editor gets filled with “Lookup failed for EventModel” warnings when my project is opened. What’s an EventModel? What does this error mean? I see nothing wrong with the Events referenced in the warning messages.

(Mike Kelly) #2

I should mention that I saw these warnings after updating the fmod libs and UE4 plugin to 1.07.04, but before migrating the fmod project and rebuilding the banks. I at first assumed that I just needed to rebuild the banks, but the warnings remain after doing so. Our previous version was 1.06.10 under Unreal 4.9.2.

(Geoff Carlton) #3

That seems unusual. That means it failed to find an event from a guid, perhaps due to some missing references.

If you send in a log we can have a look at it and see if there is anything obvious going on.

(Matt Griffin) #4

I’m getting the same warnings. Doesn’t seem to affect anything in game but it’d be nice to know why these are showing up.

(Samuele Perseo) #5

Same thing here.

(Graeme Webb) #6

I managed to reproduce these “Lookup failed for EventModel” warnings when opening a test project. I traced the cause, and the good news is that they are harmless. They won’t affect anything in your game.

If you’re interested in the details…
When the user opens an Events folder in the Content Browser, the plugin normally receives a message from the UE4 editor to refresh the asset tags. You can see these when you hover over an event: Oneshot, Streaming, and 3D. Internally, the plugin calls the Studio API to obtain the info about each event. This all works fine. However, something changed in Unreal 4.10 and now the plugin also gets an asset tags refresh when the project is opened. As the plugin has not yet loaded the banks at this point, the call to the Studio API returns an event-not-found error and logs the “lookup failed” warning. The plugin handles this error gracefully, so there is no harm done. Later the asset tags will get refreshed again when the user opens an Events folder, by which time the banks will have been loaded and the correct info will be retrieved.

We will make the necessary changes to the UE4 plugin to eliminate the log spam in the next release. In the mean time, you can safely ignore these warnings when opening a project.

(Scott Rosenkrantz) #7

I’m getting these errors as well, but it’s when I go package the build, using Unreal Engine 4.15.3 and FMOD 1.09.01.

This is an example of one of the warnings:
LogFMOD:Warning: e:\jk\workspace\1. build_ue4_1.9_libs\studio_api\src\fmod_objectlookup.h(115) - Lookup failed for EventModel: {a3471762-0d6d-4063-8f76-093e5fc54b0d}

Is the something in the FMODStudio plugin binaries that I can edit so that the build stops spamming these warnings before the Master bank loads in?

Could the issue be related at all to the GUID.txt file that I exported from FMOD Studio to the FMOD folder under Content for the project?

(Cameron Baron) #8

This issue has been fixed, I believe in 1.09.08, if you are able to update to the latest you will be able to get this fix and more.

(Yanjun Yang) #9

I’m getting these errors as well, , using Unreal Engine 4.19.0 and FMOD 1.10.04 ,


LogFMOD: Warning: f:\jk\workspace\1.10_ue4.18_win64\studio_api\src\fmod_objectlookup.cpp(119) - Lookup failed for EventModel: {3a076fd4-6644-431d-b772-488512a1cb62}

(Yanjun Yang) #10

And it deosn’t have any sound in debug build.

(Cameron Baron) #11

Make sure you have followed the steps for including any plugin in the game:

It that is not your issue, I would start a new thread and provide the log file from the game.