Loud audio glitch in PS5 build only

We’re getting ready to ship a game using Unity 2022.3.14f1 and FMOD 2.02.19 and we’re getting really weird and loud audio glitches on the PS5 build. The glitch happens rarely and we couldn’t figure out the steps to reproduce it, all we know is that it generates a very loud sound.

Some informations about things we tried and checked:

  • Unity Audio Engine is turned off
  • There is a limiter in the master of the project (but I don’t think it’s an issue with concurrent sounds)
  • The PS5 version is in surround as per their indications
  • We checked other things in the PS5 documentation but couldn’t find any issue

We would really appreciate if you guys could help figure out what is happening with this one.
Thank you in advance!

Firstly, in case we need to discuss any platform-specific info, can I get you to remake this post in the PS5 section of the forum, and link this thread in the remade post?

In the past, we’ve run into audio corruption producing similar sounds to your video caused by using either too much convolution reverb, or by quitting an application from the debugger when using convolution reverb. If you are using convolution reverb:

  • How many instances of the effect are you using?
  • Are any placed on event audio tracks instead of buses?
  • Has the issue occurred in both debug and release builds?
  • Are you able to reproduce the issue if you quit from the debugger?

Otherwise, if you’re able to reproduce the issue again, could I get a log with your logging level set to “log”, and API error logging enabled? Even a log without FMOD logging enabled may help point in the right direction.