Loud Noise when sound starts

Hi I have a little problem.
Everytime i start a sound with parameters that change at runtime I get a popping noise in the beginning. What are the reasons this could happen?
My implementation of a UFMODAudioComponent is like this in the init function, wherever that might be (BeginPlay/ some custom function/…):
→ SetEvent()
→ SetParameter() [if it is something volume related i set it to 0, else to the lowest possible input value]
→ Play()

On EventTick I input a calculated value, clamped to the min and max values that are possible for an input.
In the following clip every audio is from FMOD. Order: music, car (popping noise), speech (phone call).

Also I noticed that when such a sound starts before Unreal Editor blocks the gamethread for level loading, the popping noise is stretched across the whole blocking time, this does not occur with “normal” events. The speech and music are implemented as programmer sound and audio tables.

Also I read this could happen when the volume instantly changes (or too fast), so I tried limiting the speed at which any parameter could change but that doesn’t work (maybe it is still too fast?).

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Just to confirm the poping/chirp sound heard just before 1 second?

Thank you for this video!

Yes exactly.

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Would it be possible to record a Profiler session (FMOD Studio | Profiling) while running the Unreal Project (FMOD Studio | Editing During Live Update - Initializing Live Update in the FMOD for Unreal Engine Integration) and try to get the pop to happen again.

Checking the Profiler Sessions option.
Once you have that could you upload it to your profile? This will require you to register the project with us.

Sorry for the very late response, a lot of stuff was going on. So I connected my project with the account (in case I have another problem). I eventually fixed it by not doing SetPlay() when I set the event but somewhen later when I start the EventTick on the Actor and then I simply do:

if(!Comp->IsPlaying()) Comp->Play();

I guess there is basicly no overhead and I have no loud noises anymore. In case I have the problem somewhere else I will come back here.


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Hi, thank you for sharing the solution.