Masterbank Mixer (multiple projects)

Hi! :slight_smile:

I have a master project where I have designed the mixer for the entire game. Sfx, Amb Music, Side chain setup etc.

When I create new content I’ve created them in separate projects. I now wonder if it’s best to merge the projects or is it a way to make them go through the same main mixer?

Say the new project represents a new part of the game but I want the audio to pass through my mixer setup with its side chain logic.

Just adding thoughts… :slight_smile:

Maybe I want to create a new environment snapshot in the future that I want to affect already created events.

Could I even do that if they are created in separate projects with their own master out?..

Hi Axel,

Separate projects will mean different Master Banks which means different master buses. This means if you wish to use this setup you would need to unload one master bank (and all banks associated with it) and load a new master bank (and any necessary banks) in order to use that projects events. A snapshot from one project cannot affect any buses or events from another project.

You will need to merge these projects together into one project.

If you right click on an event and select “Copy” you can paste that event with all its associated assets into a different project. It will give you the option to create return buses for any sends in the pasted events but please note that it won’t generate any effects you had on that return bus so you will need to add those manually.

Pasting events from one project to another will not maintain that events folder structure, VCA assignment, or mixer routing so you will also have to manually do this too.

It would be best to always work in one project for one game to avoid these situations in the future.


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Thanks a lot Richard, A merge is what I’ll do.