More mixer trouble? EXC_BAD_ACCESS 0x0 @DSPEchoCallback

I’ve have a totally undebugable error. I’ve spent a few hours tracking it down to our return tracks, which contains DSP effects. I can’t trace back DSPEcho to FMOD Studio, but there are delay and flanger effects on those return tracks.

Here is a screenshot. Hope it helps you solve the problem!

I am a bit discouraged at the moment by all the bugs in the FMOD engine - it costs me hours to trace back the problem (and report it), and not is has become a blocking issue for our first beta-test release. It is even a blocking issue in overal development, as interactive audio is the core feature of the app.

Seeing as stability and time-to-fix is becoming unacceptable for this project, can you recommend me a course of action? Perhaps switching to FMOD Designer? Or do you expect no further serious issues when the mixer memory alignment trouble has been fixed?

In any case - I am very happy and appreciative for the help and support that I got so far, as most issues were solved fast - even if there were caused by a misunderstanding of bad implementation from my part.

Just to update you, we have diagnosed this crash and have a fix in place for our next release.
If you would like a preview version with that fix please contact me at

Hello Mark,

We’ve run out of time to investigate this further today but I’d be happy to look into this Monday for you. As mentioned in my other forum response, please feel free to write direct to to speed up response times and visibility of these blocking issues.