studio.plugins.registerPluginDescription cannot register the same identifier 'Resonance Audio Source' twice

For some reason, with FMOD studio version 2.00.09 I tried to get the Google Resonance Audio Plug-in to work with Unity. Once I was able to sort through the errors Unity was giving me, I started getting this error upon loading FMOD Studio each time. The audio still works, and the plugin works fine, but the error still bothers me that it keeps occurring.

Plugin register error

Following similar topics, I didn’t see anything in the C:\User’Username’\AppData\Local\FMOD Studio\Plugins folder.

Is FMOD Studio seeing more than one plugin? Or am I missing something entirely?
Any help is appreciated

We ship the resonance plugin with FMOD Studio, in the application install directory “/plugins”.
Studio is finding a duplicate copy of the plugin in the path given.