Music Features...

Thanks for adding all the music marker and switch point functionality into the latest version. I’m really enjoying working with it. Several questions:

  1. When a timeline loop returns to it’s start point, the original sustain points are disabled on the second pass. Is this a feature, or a bug?

  2. The transition region quantize interval doesn’t seem to be working yet. Is this true?

Lastly, I have a feature request. I would love for a marker point to set a parameter. This would open up a ton of additional functionality.

Thanks for listening. Great work!

–Michael Sweet

It’s a feature, but an incomplete one. Eventually, every sustain point will have its own on/off state that can be set at any time and controlled by parameters as well as through code, allowing you to disable sustain points and re-enable them in order to produce a variety of complex behaviors. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet set up the interface for controlling this, so all you can do is turn them off permanently from left to right. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation, so for now we suggest you use loop regions with trigger logic instead.

It is working, so far as I can tell. What behavior are you seeing?

We’ve planned for a while that it should be possible to set the values of a parameter in the same event, but that feature’s still a ways into the future (there’s a lot of kinks we need to work out). For now, you might be able to achieve the effect you want by controlling the values of parameters of nested and referenced events from their parent events.

Thanks for the feedback - every suggestion helps.

Regarding quantization you have to add a tempo marker to set the BPM for that to work.

Thanks for the replies! I just tried the quantization feature again, after upgrading to 1.0.1 and it seems to be working really well. Thanks!

–Michael Sweet