Music is stopped abruptly when a lot of events are playing at the same time

Hello everyone!

We have suffered this issue since the beginning of the development, which is that the music loop randomly stops when a lot of audio events are being played at the same time (many players collide between them, causing a lot of voices, etc). Several times we have highly reduced the repro rate of this issue avoiding playing audio events on code side (for example checking distances with the AudioListener to avoid playing events far away, checking cooldows, etc…), but this always comes back when we add new sound events. Right now we are suffering this quite a lot.

I attach our FMODStudioSettings configuration as context (Windows platform). Also, we have the music priority set as highest (and no other audio events have this priority):

Any idea of what’s going on and how can we finally fix this?


Daniel González

Sounds like there’s still some virtualization going on somewhere. Can you please check that your Master group, and any groups your music event is assigned to, have a Max Instances value of ∞?


Yep, this was the issue. Thank you very much!

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