Studio Event Emitter not triggering snapshots

Hi there,

I’m trying to put reverb zone snapshots into Unity’s “3D Gamekit” but it is not working. The player should be able to Trigger Enter and Trigger Exit the reverb zones using an FMOD Studio Event Emitter and a Box Collider but it does not work at all.

I posted previously about this including an error I was getting, but as that seemed to be related to FMOD’s latest update that I have now installed, I was hoping to get a solution to this problem. Even though I’ve updated the plugin, the snapshots are still not being triggered at all.

Thanks and any help appreciated.

Here are some things to check:

  • Make sure “Is Trigger” is ticked on your Box Collider
  • Ensure Player has a Rigidbody attached
  • Double check the “Collision Tag” on the Event Emitter matches the “Tag” on your Player
  • Verify you have setup reverb snapshots correctly

Let me know how you go, I’ve double checked snapshots are behaving as expected in the FMOD Example project so if none of the above works maybe try testing with that project if you aren’t already.