Bug - Old events in Event Browser

I have a problem with Event Browser in Unity.
The thing is that I have old events in Event Browser which have been deleted a month ago
The whole project works but that old event’s in the event browser aren’t comfortable if you’re working with a team. It makes understatements.

Do you have idea how to fix that bug?

Can you confirm that, after deleting the events in FMOD Studio, you rebuilt and re-exported the banks to your Unity project?

Which version of FMOD Studio are you using, and which version of Unity?


I solved that problem. I just forgot to export GUID file :slight_smile:

how do you export this please? I have the same problem

Hey Julien,

just please click File - > Export GUID and that’s all.
The unity engine should be refreshed with that changes.

Obvious! I didn’t see that option… (Fmod Studio beginner :wink:)
Thanks again!