No sound on iPhone 6

I’m testing my app (developed with Unity) on several devices, and everything is fine on Android, and on iPad 2017, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s. But with iPhone 6 with latest iOS version, there is no sound! and volume is at max. When I connect headphones, then there is sound through them, but I can’t make it work through speakers. Any help please?

This is how I’m initializing:

FMOD.Factory.System_Create(out gSystem);
gSystem.getSoftwareFormat(out gSystemFrequency, out auxSpeakermode, out auxNumspeakers);
gSystem.setSoftwareFormat(gSystemFrequency, FMOD.SPEAKERMODE.MONO, 0));

gSystem.createSound(filePath, FMOD.MODE.LOOP_NORMAL, out gSound)

Sorry. It’s because silent switch. I never had a iOS device, and I didn’t know about that switch :slight_smile:

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Don’t be embarrassed. It is 2020, I’ve had an iPhone since 2009, and I still ended up here from google cause I couldn’t figure out why my game didn’t have any audio.

It was that silent switch. LOL. You saved me.

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