Obtaining Default Cooldown Property Values in UE4


I’m seeking the appropriate way to retrieve the default Cooldown property settings on an FMOD Event in UE4; alternatively, is there a way to garner more information about why an event Start Failed in the event callback?

I’ve tried using GetUserProperty on the EventDescription but can’t seem to locate the docs directing me how to do so for build in properties like cooldown (I might just be missing it, if I am- sorry!)

There is currently no way to retrieve the cooldown property, it can be overriden though with setProperty so if you suspect that cooldown is the cause of an event failing then you can try setting it yourself using


If you are using C++ then you can view the returned result of EventInstance::start and that should give you some more information. Otherwise if you set your logging level to “LOG” then that should give you some console warnings or errors if an event is failing to start.

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