Occlusion within FMOD using Resonance is still incomplete?

I’m trying to implement Occlusion w/ raycasting using FMOD + Resonance plugin (built-in), and even though everything works fine, the amount of occlusion is the same being 1 or 10 (passed as a parameter to the event, linked to the spatializer)

This was mentioned in 2018 as an issue in the Github repo and a dev claimed it was “fixed” but I’m using FMOD 2.02.19 and it still happens.

Is there something I’m missing out?

Thanks in advance!

I tested it out in Studio, which works as expected at different values, and in Unity using a button press to increase the parameter value each time and I could hear the difference in occlusion each time.

Are you able to provide more information on how you are doing it?

Hey, thanks for the answer and checking it out. I followed exactly what you tried and recorded it.

Unfortunately I can’t upload the file here but you can check it out on this public Discord attachment link (it’s a downloadable MP4)

If you pay attention to the Unity console you will see every time the occlusion intensity parameter is updated. There are changes indeed, but high frequencies do not change as expected, might this be how Resonance computes occlusion internally? I found some code that could explain it but I’m not sure how to improve upon it.

Yes, this is all handled by the Resonance Audio plugin. The Resonance Audio plugin that comes with FMOD is a version that we keep and maintain, so it is something that we can modify but we don’t have it publicly available.

I can log a task to investigate this further so let me know if you have any extra information you would like me to add to it.

As a workaround you could possibly use a Multiband EQ to help take some of the higher frequencies out.

Yeah that sounds good. I think it would be good to know the frequencies the occlusion filter handles, or just how it works internally for our audio engineer to tackle it.