One whoosh event, used on multiple objects

I have a whoosh event, that is attached to several objects, which is for creating whoosh/doppler sounds as you drive past them. I have object enable and object disable as start and stop, but the whoosh is only working on one object at a time. There is only one other car in the scene that I can hear the whoosh on.

At first I thought stealing/oldest/furthest would work, but that’s within the one event, not when the event is being used on multiple objects.

I was thinking about using a trigger zone on every object, but then I was told I would also need collision objects, AND then anything at all would trigger that zone.

How do I tackle this?

It sounds as if either the event is being stolen, or there is only one event instance that you’re re-using. How are you triggering the event? What engine are you using, and what code are you using to trigger new instances of the event?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. The stealing mode of an event applies when there are multiple instances of that event, as is the case here. Why wouldn’t it work?

Hey joseph sorry for the delayed response. I had other urgent things to prioritize. Yeah it’s just the one “whoosh” event that is being added onto multiple objects. The event is being with object enable and object disable as start and stop. Currently I don’t think there is any code. They are just placed as emitters on objects, then controlled with built-in parameters.

OH so stealing DOES work across multiple instances of the one event?

hmmm, I’m not sure why then, that when stealing is set to furthest, the event isn’t swapping to the emitter that is closest?


I would suggest running a profiler session to help diagnose the issue. A full explanation of the Profiler is under FMOD Studio | Profiling, with a focus on the 3D View. This can inform you if the instances of the whoosh event are being created correctly and if the correct events are being stolen.

Yes, Stealing can be used to control the amount of a specific event instance that can be playing in your scene. I will link the Full explanation for stealing FMOD Studio | Advanced Topics.

Hope this helps!