(OpenAL, ASIO, BiStream) Why do games no longer have direct access to Hardware capabilities of the sound card and end users are forced to listen to inaccurate, distorted sound?

Why are end users no longer able to access audio without distortion?
For example, via the OpenAL, ASIO or BitStream interfaces to an external receiver bypassing the Windows mixer?

Do you, as developers, understand that you are depriving the end users of your product of 30-40% of the perception of the game, of your work in the end?

How is it that I and everyone else are now forced to listen to sound through a strained" tape " in the form of a Windows mixer?

I want to hear an honest sound, I want to believe in what I hear, and not with a mournful face and disgust to understand that the sound in the game is cool, but it only goes through Kernel Streaming and from this all its “coolness” disappears by the same 30-40%.

I really hope for a constructive response from the developers, and they will explain to me why I have to put up with all this.