Panner Pre Volume Possible Somehow?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently struggling to meet a specific requirement for our game.

The situation is as follows:

I’m in a cockpit of small aircraft. I have external sounds which are playing that are the size of aircraft (360°). Depending on whether I’m inside/outside the cockpit a simple lowpass is applied.

Now when I open the left/right door I want to make it appear as if I only remove the lowpass from the left side.

I tried different things with transceivers and sends but the channel panner is is post vol which renders all my attempts useless.

Do you by chance have any recommendations how to go about this.?

Thanks in advance!

you haven’t really explained how the sounds are panned, are all of the sounds using panners to put them in the 360deg space? What makes the panner being post volume a problem? This part isn’t clear.

You can put events inside events and scale volume after any end output panners, or just use a manual panner and a fader in any order you like. a 3d panner can be used like a 2d panner if you pop up the 2d panner inside it (little white triangle) and turn the mix to 100%.

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