Parameter Conditions in Unity

Hi everyone,

I tried to implement a simple “MainMenu” theme with different navigation states bound to a parameter. In fmod everything works fine. In Unity, however, any loop and transition marker or region seems to get ignored as soon as a condition is specified.

Even if “live update” doesn’t work as expected, setting up a simple volume automation for the parameter as a test let me confirm that the parameter itself is passed correctly.

The problem occurs in the Unity Event Browser already.
On the other hand, simulating the whole in thing in fmod tweeking the parameter knob worked flawlessly.

I am using Unity 5.5.0f3, fmod studio 1.08.15, fmod Unity Implementation 1.08.15.

Any hint appreciated, thank you very much!

alright, I got a little closer.
Setting the parameter condition to “1.00-1.10” instead of “1.00-1.00” will do the trick.
Not exactly beautiful but at least I can work with it now.

Hi, could you show me how to setting fmod parameters with conditions in Unity, i can’t do it.


Running the FMOD Profiler with Unity and Studio should give you a good indication as to what is happening with loop, transition, etc. being missed.