Play Events while still in Editor

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to make a “tool” to help my GD repeatedly play the various voicelines that will be used during the game and allow him to register time keys to play the subtitles at the correct frames. However while I managed to play the events in PIE (Play In Editor), in Launch and in Shipping, I can’t seem to find a way to play them while I’m in the Editor itself (not in Play). Is there even a way to do this ? The principle of the tool is an actor placed in the scene, just selecting the event in its details, and click on a button to play or pause the voice line and when required, click the button to register the current time it reached. So pretty simple so far. It works perfectly in play but that’s not the intended way to use it as any key registered during play will be lost. I’m linking here a screenshot of the BP function I use to play the sound. It works in PIE and I still get the hello when outside of it but no sound then.
Thank you.


What version of FMOD and Unreal are you using?

It might be worth looking into Construction Scripts. They might allow the functionality you are looking for.