Playing Clips in Editor

I’ve updated to the newest Unity integration and am quite impressed with the work that’s been done! The code is at least 1000 times cleaner!

However, I’ve been struggling with finding a good way to play clips in the editor outside of Play mode. I’ve tried opening up EditorUtils and using the functions in there however I’ve been consistently getting ERR_EVENT_ALREADY_LOADED. The first few clips still play fine but after a few have played they’ll start getting cut off early.

Any advice?

Hey Nathaniel,

The Unity “Play” mode uses the same EditorUtils code that you’re manually trying to control. This is the easiest and most comprehensive way to audition your sounds. If you need to audition before implementing in to script, the Event Browser can help you audition sounds (and even lets you demo parameters with linear sliders). You can open this up through the FMOD menu.

If there is a specific reason that you can’t use Play mode please share and we can go from there.


I’m working on an editor extension that allows the user to create cinematic sequences. Because of the Unity serialization process and other workflow issues, I’ve implemented functionality that allows for the sequences to be played/paused/etc outside of play mode (similar to the work flow used for the Unity Animator).

Thanks for your help!

Did you find out a way of doing this?