Play sound of a video in FMOD

Hi, we need to play (or even stream, for example from youtube) videos inside our UE4 game. These videos have sound, is there a way to separate that sound and play it through FMOD?
Alternatively, is there a way to route a sound from UE4 into FMOD?

If not, then my only two options are: Playing the sound of the video as an individual track inside FMOD and trying to sync it to the video. Or we use for the videos the UE4 audio-engine.
The first option seems complicated, especially for streamed videos. And the second option is bad because then we have to use two audio-engines at the same time.

FMOD Studio does not specifically support streaming YouTube audio, and the YouTube’s API Services Terms of Service explicitly forbids isolating and modifying the audio component of their videos.

If you were to use a service other than YouTube, it might be possible. If you were to somehow capture the video’s output and convert it to a native http, shoutcast, or icecast stream, you’d be able to play that stream through the FMOD Engine as described in the Internet Streaming section of the Core API Guide chapter of the FMOD API User Manual.

Thank you for your help!