Preview FMOD events in Unity Editor

In our project, we have over 1500 unique animations, and we are triggering FMOD audio events using Unity Animation Events (mostly OneShot).
We trigger events like Footsteps, sfx effects as well as dialogue lines that are timed with the animation.
And we also feed parameters to add variety or multi-instruments for variation, etc.

We’ve created a tool that allows us to preview animations (saving us a LOT of time so we don’t have to play the game to see if everything is working), and we would like to also preview the sfx that are getting triggered by these animation events.

What we are missing is to actually be able to call and play FMOD events in the editor. Is this possible? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

So I got this to work by digging into the EditorUtils.cs and learning from the code there.

The only issue I’m running into is to preview Programmer sounds. How can I access an AudioTable and assign it to an EditorEventRef through the Editor ? Kind of like we would do in-game:


I can’t seem to find an example to go from in the FMOD Editor menu options…

For posterity, I looked at the EventBrowser.cs as well as EditorUtils.cs (making some of the methods public) and now I’m able to preview audio events in the editor!