Playing Events in soundbanks - Non-Unity C#

Does anyone have any tips or reference material for playing events from FMOD soundbank files using C# but not in Unity? I’m having a difficult time finding any material with it being used outside of Unity and Unreal. I’m very new to working with audio files and I’m having a tough time getting the sounds from events to actually play. I have something that finds the banks in my project and loads the the first event in the bank just to try and get it working:

studioSystem.loadBankFile( filename , FMOD.Studio.LOAD_BANK_FLAGS.NORMAL, out bank);
bank.getEventList(out EventDescription[] eventArray);
eventArray[0].createInstance(out FMOD.Studio.EventInstanace instance);

The C# wrapper is made with the intention of being a minimal wrapper, to maintain the same behavior and functionality as in C/C++.

All of FMOD should be able to be used in the same way you see in our API examples (included in the API download) with the only real changes required being language differences. Our new docs also have different language options available.