Problem with 2 FMOD Listener in Different Scenes

Hello guys, In our project we have a multiple scene setup. One is the Master Scene and the Game Scene. Now in the Master Scene I have a listener there for BGM and ambient so they won’t stop while I’m loading the next scene. Now in the other scene I have another Listener in which the attenuation is the player.

As of now the Attenation Location is now on the master scene listener which is not my intention. I want it to the game scene so the player can hear the 3D events

I was having problems with 3D sound for weeks now and I recently tracked down what causes it lol.
I am unable to move the listener index due to it being in a different scene. Any suggestion on how I can approach this problem?

EDIT: Now I settle in 1 listener and that will be the master scene although I can’t seem to find how will I set the Attenuation Object at runtime. I tried RuntimeManager.SetListener() but failed.

it sounds like you want to be able to fade between listeners, you could do this by adjusting the weight of multiple listeners using FMOD::Studio::setListenerWeight. Or you could just disable the listener in the master scene when you transition to the game scene and vice versa when going the other way.