Unity Integration FMOD 2.2 Multiple Listener Configuration changed

hey folks really quick question here. i noticed in the latest 2.2 FMOD Studio integration that you cannot seem to configure multiple listeners (listener Index is at -1 and cannot be changed except through Debug mode). also there’s an attenuation object field. what is that for? - maybe simple occlusion? just need to get up to date on the latest changes for our documentation. thanks!

As described in our documentation, listener indexes are now managed automatically, so it is no longer necessary to manually set the indices of individual listeners when using multiple listeners.

The attenuation object field allows you to specify an object whose position is used to calculate attenuation, in place of the listener’s position. This is mostly useful for third-person games where you want events to be audible based on the position of the player character, but want the panning of events to be based on the position of the camera.