Question Regarding Asset Path Known Issue

I’m getting to a point with my project that I’m starting to add audio and have been thinking of using Fmod to do that, and, as the title states, I had a question related to the Asset Paths know issue in the Unreal section of the documentation: . The issue isn’t directly related to my question, but it sounds like it might be with the asset path being absolute.

Right now my current workflow for developing has been to have all the files stored on my Mac’s hard drive, then have a copy of all of those files on a separate USB Hard Drive that stay in sync with the one’s on my Mac’s drive. Then when I want to build the game or develop something on Windows, I can use that external Hard Drive to do that. I was wondering though if doing it this way will work with Fmod or not, since one starts with a D:/ and the other starts with just a /. So the saved asset paths would be different, and would always be different, when working with the audio on Windows versus Mac, and I wasn’t sure if after working on one, everything would still be functioning when switching to the other.

I guess I was wondering too how others might deal with this and make sure the game is able to build okay on both platforms, because it seems like it must be possible to work with both somehow. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding the issue as well, and it’s only in certain cases that it matters.

So anyway, any help would be very appreciated and thanks to anyway willing to help :)! Hopefully my question is understandable enough :).

The full path referred to in the docs, is the path in FMOD Studio, eg. event:/Music/EventName. The in memory assets created by the integration from the banks are then either referenced by their relative project location or the FMOD Studio path I mentioned.

That makes sense. I’m glad it’s not the other way :). Thanks for taking the time and letting me know!