Ragdoll fall sound

Is there any way to make a system of sounding ragdolls when they fall?

I could only find how to make it with wwise, but not fmod.

The principle is about making an event on component hit on ragdoll bodyparts, but I didn’t succeed on making it with fmod

I will be very thankfull for from scratch manual on making such system


Unfortunately, a full manual on how exactly how to implement this behavior falls outside the scope of support. That said, in its simplest form, it should be a matter of setting up an event or events that are triggered when a ragdoll body part collides. Can you elaborate on what issues you were running into when trying to implement this with FMOD?

I just have no idea what elements should this system include. Because now it looks like this and nothing is happening

“Simultaion generates hit events” is checked on most parts of the skeletal

But when it falls, there is silence

I believe the only things that are missing are to do the following for CharacterMesh0 in your ALS_AnimMan_Character_BP Blueprint:

  • Enable “Simulation Generates Hit Events”
  • Set the “Collision Preset” to “Ragdoll”
  • Enable “Simulate Physics” (this basically turns on ragdolling for the mesh)

If you then place your Actor in a level and let it fall to the ground, it should ragdoll and play the selected FMOD event with each collision.