Re-Routing instances in the profiler

Hey guys.

So I’ve got a game on Unity, and an FMOD project connected to it. I have 4 global parameters, These parameters control how the entire soundscape sounds to the player(s).

I’ve noticed that in the profiler, one of the things it records, along with the audio waveform, is instances(thus allowing to play a “simulated” playthrough).

What I want to do is demonstrate how the game can sound completely different, even if the actions and consequences within the game are exactly the same, by changing which of these parameters is active during runtime.
To do this, I want to record a playthrough of the game, and use different audio output instances for that single gameplay instance, depending on the parameter I choose to activate.

My question is, is such a thing even possible?

I was told that the profiler only records instance analysis, and by doing so, cannot be re-routed as an audio-file, outside of the profiler.

I’m not sure I follow exactly what you are asking but perhaps it’s relevant to share that the profiler playback is built off an existing API feature. If you want to playback your recording or integrate recording of actions into your own code you can use the command playback API.

Once recorded you could create a new FMOD System, set to a different audio output and play back the actions.
I hope that helps.