Reaper workflow

Hi all,

I’m working on a little music track and I’m curious what your Reaper workflow is when creating stems for a music system.

In my case, in Reaper I create multiple takes for the same instrument and then, when everything is recorded, explode them into separate tracks, render vsti to stems and put the exploded takes and vsti into their instruments folders. Then I mix the subgroups and render the items through master.

For instance, I record multiple takes in guitar track called “LowChords_AGuit”, explode these when I’m finished; rename exploded takes to “LowChords_AGuit1”, “LowChords_AGuit2”…move them to their parent folder called “LowChords_AGuit” and mix that subgroup. Do this with every single instrument and then export the items through master (FX chains applied to the items) using $item_$region.

I’d love to know what your approach is!

Are you familar with the FMOD Reaper integration? It takes advantage of regions to quickly import large numbers of assets from Reaper projects.