Reduce pan effect

Hi everybody.

I would like to lower the pan effect in game without moving the listener. So the result I want is the stereo image to be tighter.

I played with the pan override but this cause that some events that are playing in loop when the level is loaded are listenable also at long distance…so I’m presuming the pan override make the event bypass the distance attenuation curve.

Now I tried to use the Min Extent param and seems to achieve the task.
Is this the right approach?


You are correct: The pan override overrides both the panning and attenuation applied by spatializer effect’s 3D spatialization.

The extent of a signal is the the size of the arc in the output speaker circle that has sound distributed to it, such that more distant sounds have a smaller extent.

The min extent property gives extent a floor below which it cannot go. Thus, if you set the min extent property to 360, it effectively prevents the signal from being panned by the 3D spatializer, while still allowing the signal to be attenuated due to distance. Conversely, if you set the min extent property to 0, it allows the extent to be any value; low if the event is distant from the listener, and high if it is close.

Does that sound like what you want?

thanks, yes