Repair FMOD Libraries warning still keeps showing after click repair button

I’m using Fmod with unity 2020.3.11 with other members.

I setup initial FMOD importing with my desktop and share that project through github to my team.

But at other team member desktop, “Repair FMOD Libraries” keep showing even they click repair or ignore.
This warning appear when start unity at first time, and play game in editor.

How can I solve this problem?

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You can try getting your team mates to install the FMOD package on their end, but if you could please tell me your FMOD version I will try to reproduce the issue.

My FMOD version is 2.02.04

I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet- what are the Mac and Windows versions, and is this going from Mac to Windows or from Windows to Mac?
Have you tried getting one of your peers to reimport the FMOD integration to see if that prevents this error coming up repeatedly?

Our peers are using Window 10.
And I tried reimport FMOD integration twice.

First was download fmodstudio20204 package and import
second was delete all files about FMOD and import fmodstudio20204 package.
But it’s still happen…
Also when I press repair button, it makes some change and github catch it, but actually no contents changed.

I have not been able to reproduce this issue unfortunately. Can you please upload a stripped down reproduction to your Profile? Just a Unity project with an empty scene and the FMOD plugin installed should be plenty.

FWIW I wanted to add a comment that we recently ran into the same issue where the developer importing FMOD (v2.02.04 on Windows 10, Unity 2020.3.30f1) had no problem opening the project, even after doing a full library re-import as well as branch switching and Git clean as a sanity check, whereas two other Unity developers (also on Windows 10) were presented with the repair error upon opening the project.

Our current workaround is simply to delete the Mac lib folder as we aren’t going to be targeting Mac OS for our project but I’m curious to know if anyone figured out the actual cause of this issue.

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The issue is that git is replacing the line endings of the Mac libs from \n to \r\n. Clicking repair when this popup appears will switch them back to \n, but it looks like git is still clobbering the line endings every time you pull.
Deleting them if you don’t need them is one option, otherwise if you add

*.bundle text eol=lf

to your .gitattributes file then the line endings of any .bundle files will remain as \n (line feeds).

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