Resonance Audio Libraries for Switch

I have the Unity FMOD libraries for Nintendo Switch, but the Resonance Audio plugin seems to be missing some files.
I have “audiopluginresonanceaudio” lib files for all of my different platforms (android/iOS/Windows/OSX) but not for Switch, so when I try to compile the Switch version of our app, it fails because it can’t find the following extern functions:

    // Listener handlers.
  private static extern void SetListenerGain(float gain);

  private static extern void SetListenerStereoSpeakerMode(bool enableStereoSpeakerMode);

  // Room handlers.
  private static extern void SetRoomProperties(IntPtr roomProperties, float[] rt60s);

Am I missing something in the FMOD Switch libraries for this? Or am I supposed to find these libs somewhere else (eg: am I supposed to get the source from here and compile them myself)?

(I’m a little unsure as to who owns the Resonance Audio libraries now. Is it an FMOD thing now, or does Google still own it, or other?)

Any other suggestions?

The Resonance Audio libs for Switch are available with the FMOD for Unity Nintendo Switch package. If you do not have access to that in the Downloads page, you will need to complete verification for Nintendo Switch.

“audiopluginresonanceaudio” is for use with the Resonance Audio Unity SDK, which is distinct from the FMOD for Unity integration. With some effort it may be possible to compile a Switch lib from the Resonance Audio Unity SDK yourself, but it would be much simpler to use the lib we ship with the FMOD for Unity Nintendo Switch package.

Resonance Audio is owned by Google, but it is managed by a steering committee, of which our Technical Director is a member. As such, we maintain the Resonance Audio FMOD plugin package for use with FMOD Studio, FMOD for Unity, FMOD for Unreal, and FMOD Engine.
Currently our maintenance only extends to preserving compatibility with new SDKs, Platforms, and versions of FMOD as they appear, and we do not have any immediate plans to extend the functionality of Resonance Audio.

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