RuntimeManager not initialized in build, Event not found

Why does RuntimeManager.IsInitialized return false in a build? In the editor everything works just fine. I was wondering why the banks weren’t being loaded and this might be the cause. How does the RuntimeManager normally get initialized? Can I force it by code?

Unity 2019.1.4f1
Fmod 2.00.06

I logged the state of the initialization of the runtime manager in the start method of the StudioEventEmitter. It states that its not initialized and proceeds to attempt to play the event which results in a [FMOD] Event not found. After that it is initialized but still fails to load the next event.

The RuntimeManager is a singleton so it gets initialized the first time it is accessed, this is normally done by the FMOD Studio Listener in it’s first Update, but you can force it by calling a function that accesses the RuntimeManager.Instance (eg. RuntimeManager.WaitForAllLoads()).