Scatterer instrument pans from the sound source to the listener

Hello!!! Problem: I have created an event with environmental sounds in which there is a single instrument and a scatterer instrument, everything seems to work as it should. I added a game object to which this event is attached in the Unity, and it starts playing at the start. The character appears at the starting position, this game object is located there, when you move further, the sound of the scatterer instrument is panned relative to the sound source to the character, and the single instrument sounds as it should. What did I do wrong that it doesn’t sound the same in the Unity as it does in the Fmod?

Indeed, the Scatter instrument will change according to the listener’s movement.
My approach is to solve this problem with two listeners, one listener always at the dot 0

But the Fmod doesn’t recommend using two listeners… why, by the way?

As @lxy1114 noted, this is expected behavior. If you move the position of the event instance in the event’s 3D preview in FMOD Studio, you should observe that the Scatterer instrument scatters around the position of the event instance.

Their solution would work in a vacuum, but using multiple listeners may have unintended effects on the spatialization of other event instances in your game. Instead, a simple fix would be to set the position of the event containing the Scatterer instrument to be the same position as the Listener.

That said, I can see why you would want the Scatterer instrument to always scatter around the listener, even when positioned elsewhere, so I’ve noted it on our internal feature/improvement tracker.

It’s not that FMOD doesn’t recommend using two listeners, it’s that often the resulting behavior isn’t what users want. You can read more about the effects of multiple listeners in the FMOD Studio Glossary entry on Listeners, and the FMOD Engine White Paper section on Multiple Listeners.

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Oh, that’s what it is… Thank you very much)

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