Scatter Instrument's tempo frequency hits semi randomly?

Hey y’all!

I’ve been experimenting with the new tempo frequency features of the Scatterer, which sort of works, but more often than not, it desynchronizes and plays in between beats. I’ve tried a few things, like adding a few more Tempo markers where I want the beat to definitely hit, and splitting the scatter instrument into smaller other instruments, but it’s a very unclean look and gets really messy when automations get introduced.

(Tried it with 2.01.03 up to 2.01.05)
Am I right in assuming that it’s currently just a little glitchy, or am I missing something?

Hi C418,

There aren’t any known issues with the scatterer tempo settings. Is there any chance you could provide us with an example of where it is going wrong? Or some screenshots of what is occurring?

sure, I’ll try to create an example project and see if I can reproduce my issues.

Hi! Alright! here’s a bunch of data.

This is an example project I just whipped up of random music noodling. It has transitions and random events, similar to what I would make in a real world scenario. Made with the newest FMOD (2.01.05).

When I use this on MacOS to preview the event, Scatterer will always be off beat. When I try to play this in a game, it will be on beat. But with my transition markers and the random chances, there is a chance for the scatterer to drift off in runtime as well. I’ve also made a video showcasing that it’s a bit off beat while previewing in editor. I hope this is more helpful.

Hi C418,

Looks like there is an issue with scheduling the quantized scatterer combined with streaming assets. Switching all the assets in the project not to stream and then reloading the event will allow the quantized scatterer to play the instruments on time.

We will look to see if we can address this issue.

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Hi C418,

We have tracked down the issue and have a fix that will be in the next fmod release.

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