Scatterer causes "PlaylistInstrumentInstance::startFullLengthHook : Attempting to schedule a sound in the past, this could cause inaccurate playback" spam

I currently have the issue of having events with Scatterer instruments that loop, which causes this to spam in the console. I’ve seen other posts here about loading sample data, and even found a post where Cameron from FMOD mentioned low spawn intervals (<20ms) could be the cause. But my spawn interval is 100ms-1 sec. I don’t know if this is still too low or if it is because I have too many event instances happening at once?

Are you seeing any other warnings or errors at all?

Is it possible you are using a streamed sound in the scatterer?

Thanks for getting back to me @cameron-fmod.

I’m not seeing anything else FMOD related and it is not a streamed sound.
Here is a screenshot of the event and browser with the sound file:

Apologies for the delay, are you able to share the entire log output?

No worries, do you mean the full log output from Unity or something else?

The same log that has the “Attempting to schedule a sound in the past” spam.

Here is the editor.log file from Unity, not sure if that is usable?

Editor.log (140.0 KB)

A bit more info, the way I’ve set it up is using FMOD Studio Event Emitter on a Particle System, with the event set to trigger on Object Start, and stop on Object Destroy. Pretty basic stuff.

Thanks very much for the info, I was able to reproduce the issue but only on Mac. We are currently looking into this and I will let you know what we find.

Ah interesting, I am working from a Mac! Probably should have mentioned that.

Hi Cameron,

Any news on this issue? :slight_smile:

Not yet sorry, we had to put it on hold while trying to get the next version out, as it appears to require more time than first anticipated. I am unable to give an eta at this point unfortunately.

Alright, well thanks for the clarification. I’m at least happy that you have it in the cards. Will you let me know here if you at some point get an eta? Or should I just keep a lookout for it in release notes?

We will update this thread when we have more information, thanks for your understanding.