Scatterer Instrument Crashes Unreal Engine 4.26

First, my specs: Big Sur (with Intel processor), UE 4.26, FMOD 2.02.02. I did the necessary matching, installing the correct UE integration package, etc. Followed installation instructions correctly.

A FMOD project with a Scatterer crashes the UE project. I hear the Scatterer play once through and then, not even pushing the escape key stops UE. Must force quit UE to continue

The same behaviour does not exist if I remove all Scatterer Instruments and just use a Single Instrument

The larger question: what is everyone using with Big Sur?? This seems to be like a puzzle. I’ve started the reversion game! now trying a configuration that I used one year ago: UE 4.25 and FMOD 2.01.03. However, I was also running an older version of MacOS one year ago.

Appreciate any thoughts as this would help me not to lose more time

I have not been able to reproduce your issue by playing scatter instruments in UE4.26 on Big Sur- are you getting any error messages in the log files after the crash occurs?
Cand you please set the Logging Level to “LEVEL LOG” in the FMOD plugin settings and share the output after a crash?

Thank you @jeff_fmod . Thanks for the reply and interest in this issue. In the end, I was able to resolve the issue. To do so, I completely wiped my computer and did a fresh install of the OS. I’m now running the same assets as before without any issues. I had just migrated from macOS 10 to macOS 11; I simply used Apple’s update button (System This way of migrating to the latest OS seemed to work for most operations. Nevertheless, I was experiencing strange behaviour with more than one application. So, the full computer erasure and new OS install was the solution.

Thanks for sharing your solution- not ideal but I suppose sometimes a fresh install is you all can do. Glad to hear it’s working properly now at least. Please let us know if the issue does come up again!