Send Signal to Unity when Song is finished

Hi. Is there any way to send a signal to Unity when the song is finished? Or to change a parameter at a specific point in the timeline?

I am guessing there must be something, but can’t think of it.


You can add automation to a parameter of a nested event and have changes made in the parent timeline.

In timeline, create an “Event sound” (or drag another event in from the event browser). Double click it to open. Put in your music, and add a parameter. Go back to parent event and make sure you have the Event sound selected. Right click the parameter and pick “add Automation”. Now you can add parameter changes on the timeline, just like you normally automate volume.

Otherwise… I am not that well traversed with the API but you can also poll the playback position of the event instance from within Unity if you rather do that. I think you can poll when an event is finished too.