Setting properties for Visual Studio 2015

I tested FMOD Studio’s low level API on my PC and worked fine,

so this time I’m trying to test the API on my Android phone.

I downloaded the Android version from this site and tried to set properties in Visual Studio but CAN’T, because there’s no lib file unlike Windows one.

I copied ‘c:\fmodstudioapi10904android\api\lowlevel\lib\armeabi\’ file into the current project folder,

added the line ‘#include <fmod.h>’ in my C file,

in ‘VC++ Diretories’, set ‘Additional Include Directories’ to ‘c:\fmodstudioapi10904android\api\lowlevel\inc’ and

‘Additional Library Directories’ to ‘c:\fmodstudioapi10904android\api\lowlevel\lib\armeabi’.

But what should I do with ‘Linker>Input>Additional Dependencies’?

Keep failing when building without the setting. :frowning:

It should be fairly similar to the Windows docs, the Android docs should be able to point you in the right direction.

Also there are examples included with the FMOD Studio API download that you can compare against your own project.

Ah… I already read the guide but it’s not about Visual Studio settings. That can help with eclipse and I know how to do it with eclipse, but this time, I want to use Visual Studio, that’s why… Somehow I managed to work, I’m not sure my work around is the real solution though. Thanks anyway!