Small live update issue

Small issue with Live update here.

If I exit our application while connected to FMOD and then re-start our application, all of the mutes that have been set during the live update session have to be individually re-toggled after reconnect to function.

This would be more of a wishlist item for Live update:

Is there any way to update / display the cursor position for parameter values in FMOD while Live Update is running?


I’ll add your request that mute settings be retained between auditioning sessions to our improvements/features tracker; It will be considered for future development at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.

Displaying the cursor positions in the Event Editor window is a tricky issue, as there could potentially be multiple instances of any given event playing at the same time; There’s no way for FMOD Studio to know which instance’s parameter values should be displayed. However, you can view the parameter values of specific event instances in the Profiler window: Simply add the event to the session, select the ‘Lifespans’ display, and then select the specific event instance where it appears in the tracks view to view its parameter values in the deck.

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Thanks for the info!