[SOLVED] How to show more lanes in logic tracks


I can’t expand the width of the logic tracks. I can only see one lane. I would like to place transition regions on a different lane and visually monitor multiple lanes.

I have tried to slide down the main tracks window to make more space for the logic tracks but it doesn’t respond.

What am I doing wrong
Any suggestions welcome


Hey Ruud, Im not sure about V1.08, but in 1.07 if you have at least two different logic markers/regions/points in the Logic Tracks section, just click and drag one of those lower and it will split them into a separate lane.

Hope that works!


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That’s how it works in 1.08, as well: Clicking and dragging logic markers up and down creates new logic tracks.

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Thanks Jesse and Joseph for your replies. It’s easy when you know it but it drove me nuts. Best regards,Ruud