Sound container behavior bug

Hi there,

Each time an event is called, I want it to play one of 5 sounds, going to the next sound sequentially, always in the same order. So I drag’n drop my 5 sounds into a sound container, and I uncheck the random button. Like so:

The problem is, the sequence that is played isn’t the one that is displayed in the UI (“1,2,3,4,5”), but something like “1,4,3,5,2”.

This is kind of an unexpected behavior. A workaround that produced the expected behavior (at least in Fmod Studio, haven’t tried in game yet) was adding sound 1 first, then drag’n dropping the next sounds one after another. It looks exactly the same in the interface, but now it plays in the expected order.


A fix has been created, and will be included in the next public release of Studio.

Thanks for the bug report. We’re already aware of this issue, and are working on a fix.