Spatializer Attenuation Distance hidden behind a Foldout?


Not wanting to be one of the “everything was better before”-guys…
I recently updated to Studio 2.02.15 and noticed that the layout of the default Spatializer Effect changed.

Apparently to access the min- and max attenuation distance you need to open a foldout now and enable the override option. I don’t quite understand this change. The distance slider below the rolloff curve was perfectly where it was for a speedy workflow: You would pick an envelope, set the size and you’re done. You could make some adjustments on the panner if you needed to.

I tried figuring out how it is intended to control the rolloff distance using only the dials you are presented with when the foldouts are closed, but I did not get it. So as far as I understand, for every event you will need to open the foldout anyways with the Spatializer taking up more gui-space than it did before.

Moreover, when opening an older project, the attenuation distance appears to have their override option set to off but the min and max values (thankfully) persist.

Maybe someone can explain to me what I’m missing. Being a dev myself I know that software needs to evolve but that really strikes me as an inconvenient change.


Do i need to do these two clicks every time now?
Here’s a screenshot from 2.01.11

The idea is that in the vast majority of events, you’ll be using the min and max distance properties of the event to define the event’s min and max distance. You’ll only use the controls of the spatializer effect in the rare circumstance that that there are multiple different effects or parameters in the event that make use of min and max distance and each of them needs to have different min and max distance values despite being part of the same event.

Hiding rarely-used controls by default helps reduce visual clutter and makes it easier for people new to FMOD to know which controls they’re more likely to need.

Thanks for the reply.
I just now noticed that the min- /max distance was moved to the Macros-Section.
It makes more sense now.