Spatializer Min Distance has no effect on attenuation in the sandbox or preview

If I play a spatialized event in the sandbox, and vary the Min Distance in the event spatializer properties, it hasn’t any effect on the attenuation. It only changes the Sound Size if Envelopment is set on auto. If I set Envelopment to User or Off, the Min Distance doesn’t do anything at all, and the event plays as if Min was set to 0 (it fades out as soon as it goes away from the listener - if sound size is 0). Isn’t that a bug?
It does the same in any FMOD version.

Can you confirm this happening in 2.01.07?

I’ve just tested here with a simple 3D Event with a looping sound.
I set the min distance to 10, max to 20.
Playing in the Sandbox I hear no attenuation until I’ve moved more than 10 units from the origin.

For me min distance is still respected with user or none envelopment modes, that only controls how a signal is spread around the provided speakers.

My mistake: my 3D event had a nested event which also had a spatializer (and shouldn’t), which was interfering with the main one. Sorry for that!
By the way, it seem there’s not anymore the circle in the sandbox to visualize the min distance (there’s only the max), as it was in 1.10.

You are correct, the drawing of the min-distance in the Sandbox vanished when Sandbox scenes were added, I’ll add a task to investigate what happened there.