Start event to a certain point in time

Let’s say I have a multiplayer game, and in which certain theme is playing in a certain part of the game. The theme starts playing on my machine and after certain time someone else joins the game and the event playing is already in the middle. His and my times of the music should be in sync, so both of the events should stop roughly the same time. How can I set the event’s ‘time’ ?

If you use Studio::EventInstance::setTimelinePosition to set the timeline position of an event instance after it is created but before it is started, it will start from the specified time. Provided the event’s instruments are synchoronous, this will achieve the result you describe.

You could also potentially do something similar by automating the start offset property of an event instrument that references the event, or (if there is only one instrument in the event) by automating the start offset property of the instrument in the event. However, as start offset is set as a percentage, these methods would require slightly more effort to set up correctly.