System architecture for a web based platform

We’re building a platform that connects talented music producers with live data.

We’re currently using the Unity integration on WebGL but it’s not ideal.

We would like to build something server side and just provide users an audio stream. Or understand how to build something web native on the client side.

Struggling to find other people doing this. We’re not building a game, but FMOD seems to fit the bill perfectly. I would love to have a 30minute chat with an engineer at FMOD to understand the options better.

Feel free to ask more specific questions right here (the answers might be illuminating for future readers) or email us at if you’d prefer.

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Essentially trying to make a radio station that plays multidimensional music based on live data.

Don’t Watch The Chart

The issue is, we need the audio to play in the background on mobile as a streaming app would like Spotify, Soundcloud etc.

I’m interested in dropping Unity as it feel like overkill when the application is just UI, data, FMOD and Banks. I read about a web implementation of FMOD but struggling to find docs, tuts, examples etc.

Not sure if we should have a server with an FMOD instance running for each user, or make the browser do some of the work.

We would like the users to be able to interact with the audio mix, so that they can understand the dynamic range, but I can see that makes it more complex.

Unity won’t play when the tab is unfocused on desktop either.

I guess if we did a web native implementation the tab could keep playing with another tab or window focused

We do have html5 examples which will get you started with using FMOD client-side. To access the html5 examples you need to go to our download page, click on FMOD Studio Suite Section and scroll down to the FMOD Engine list. In there you will need to download “Base” Source and “HTML5” Source. Then it’s just a matter of serving the examples directory up with a webserver like Apache or Web Server for Chrome. More details on that can be found in the HTML5 Specific Starter Guide.
I think that would be a good starting point, we don’t have any high-level interfaces for broadcasting audio but others have had success with dedicated server software for streaming audio such as Icecast and Shoutcast. You can look more into how a net stream is constructed on the client side using the net_stream C++ example in the Windows Core API examples, and that shouldn’t be too complicated adapting that to js.

Thank you!