Starting Looped sound at random time withing the audio file?


I’m working on a vr game in which I have two jet propulsions for my hands which are playing the same audio loop when i press either trigger when they are pressed at the same time however I get the phasing effect due to them playing at the exact time, is there a way to have the audio play at a random point within the audio file?

I’ve looked around for an answer but only found a post with someone needing the same thing due to having two fountains near each other, giving off the same effect and needed their samples to be played at random times.

Just need a simple option to play at random time with a slight fade in at play to stop it from making a click sound.

Many thanks in advance


You just need to randomize offset position for audio file so it will play from different position each time. Also the file should be looped and async to work correctly.

Thank you so much foxymusic, spent way to long trying to figure this out myself, so simple aha, for anyone having the same issue, click on the sample on the arangment and the sampler thing will apear on the bottom left, right click start offset and set the random modulater, ull get another parameter on the right to set the randomness :+1: