Stop all sounds function?

Does FMOD Studio have a ‘stop all sounds’ function, similar to Wwise? This would be really handy when returning to the menu for example.

You can stop all event instances routing through a particular bus with Bus::stopAllEvents(). If you call this function on the master bus, it will have the effect of stopping all playing events in the system.

Please be aware that stopping an event is not the same thing as releasing it. A stopped event instance stays valid, and won’t be destroyed unless you call EventInstance::release(). The idea is that you might want to set some parameters on a stopped event and then restart it.

If you just want to play an event and have it release automatically when it stops, call EventInstance::release() immediately after EventInstance::start(). This tells Studio to destroy the instance when it eventually stops (either naturally or via the API).

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Thanks Graeme