Stop/Clear/Reset all sounds to return to main menu

Hi there! I was wondering if there’s a way too just reset everything when the game is returning to the main menu. Actually I have a sound that may play if a certain parameter is set, and I’m setting this parameter to it’s default value before returning to the Main Menu.

But maybe a “Reset” method could help, not sure. Saw something that may be the case on the following link:
[UE4] Stop All events in Bus or Stop all events in blueprints - Unreal Engine - FMOD Forums

and an idea here:

Reset FMOD and stop all playing sound - Unity - FMOD Forums

but this second one looks outdated- plus destroying the runtime thing does not seem safe for the game’s lifecycle.


Unfortunately, we currently do not have this functionality.

If you just need to reset Local Parameters attached to Event Instances (FMOD API | Studio API Reference - Studio Event Instance) those are reset when the instance is released. If there are global parameters they will have to be set.

I will pass the suggestion on to our developers to look into it further.

Would LOVE to see a way to reset all (global) parameters!

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I have noted your interest on the task